Monday, February 28, 2011

January catch up...:)

 Exercising wears Cameron out. :)

Well, either that his Grandpa managed to bore him to sleep. :)

Do you see his socks slipping off...silly baby feet. :D

Oh, to be young and able to sleep anywhere!!

January....Fo-hawk (is that how you spell it??)

When I was a nanny for my twin boys (I miss those little guys), I used to have so much fun doing their hair. Fo-hawks, Spikes, what we called a porcupine (spikes all over), it was a lot of fun and those hair-dos were so adorable!! When I found out I was pregnant with a little boy this was my happy place, knowing that someday when he had hair I could have fun with it. I could make him the kid with the cutest hair-dos. :)

And now he has hair!! :) Not quite enough but still...I work with what I've got. :) 

So I gave him a Fo-hawk for Wednesday night bible study back in January. And although I haven't tried it again yet, I did edit the pictures and get them put on my blog finally, so what do you think? Does he have the cutest hairstyle ever?

Or maybe just the cutest eyes ever? 
I need to catch his sideways mouth thing better on camera, but you can kind of see it here.. :) Silly boy!!

Getting ready for meeting is so tiring when you are 5 months old. :)

I love how he rubs his eyes when he is adorable!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

6 months

I can't believe Cam is 6 months old, but he is so I had better post an update. :)
As I type this Cameron is being a squirming little guy, trying to reach the keyboard, trying to get down, hitting the desk, constant movement is his thing right now. :)
If you lay him down on the floor he loves rolling, he has become a real pro at it recently and does it all the time, which isn't to great when I am trying to get him to sleep. :) But it does mean a happier camper when he is playing on the floor which is really nice! The other thing is he loving to work on is his sitting. He loves trying to sit up! We usually sit on the couch at meeting now days because then he can attempt to sit up for part of the meeting. :) Sometimes this means that I actually get to use my bible for more then just giving my testimony, and then other times it means I am spending the entire meeting trying to re-balance the baby, get the toy that he threw out of reach is now falling over to get, or pick the thrown pacifier off the floor. :)

Meeting has become harder as he has become more vocal, and a lot more busy. :) The fact that he now knows how to use his hands doesn't help things at all. If you put a pacifier in he is busy trying to take it out, maybe to chew on it, maybe to hold it in his hand while he does his funny little wrist wave with it, or maybe just to drop it. :) He is also very attracted to our bibles and hymnbook. As soon as he hears my bible or sees the hymnbook he is leaning, reaching, and grabbing.

He is really into his hands right now, Court and I were peeking into the bedroom Sunday morning where Cameron was laying on the bed by himself just playing with his hands and talking to himself, so precious!

Friday, January 7, 2011

5 months

5 months ago we welcomed Cameron Arthur Maximilian Barndt into the world, 5 months ago I saw my husband fall in love, I saw parents become grandparents, and I saw my husband become a daddy.

And now 5 months later I love watching my husband be a daddy. He usually groans and moans when it's his turn to take the baby but once Cam is in his arms, it's a magical transformation and suddenly he is smiling, talking in a sing-song voice, laughing in funny tones to see if it makes his son laugh, the list goes on and on. And let me tell you, it's so much fun to watch. :) Sometimes I give Cameron to him even though I don't really need to just so that I can watch him be a daddy.  Although he usually catches on and the baby is handed back to me while he tries to frown and be unhappy that I just interrupted whatever he was trying to do. Watching Court love Cam man makes me love Court so very much more. He is an amazing daddy, thanks Layne for teaching him so well!!

Then, there is the little guy. My 5 month-old sweetheart, Cam, Cam man, Max, Cameron Arthur, dude, etc. He has so many, many, nicknames. Poor child, his mommy loves nicknames...although you've probably already heard that. :) He is a sweet, fun, adorable little one and I love him. There are so many things that make him laugh, sometimes it's me calling him dude, sometimes it's me calling him Max, sometimes it's his daddy laughing, sometimes it's his daddy just saying hi. Sometimes it's his daddy just looking over at him. He loves his parents, you can see it in the way he looks at us, the way he laughs at silly things we say or do, he loves us and for that I'm thankful.

He sits up for short periods of time but he quickly falls over. Sometimes he falls over because he just starts listing to the side (it's really funny to watch...mainly just cause he's so cute!!...even while falling over) at other times it's a quick fall because he lunges for a toy. :) So cute, so fun watching him learn.

He has been growing like crazy lately.  He loves his baby food, although you have to mix his veggies with fruits so that he won't just drool them back out. :) Silly baby. I spoil him though and mix his green beans with banana mixed berry so that he'll eat them. 

Well, Cam's busy trying to get the keyboard, and my face, so I'm going to go now. :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile!!

Where does the time go? Cameron is almost three months old now and although I had a grand plan to take pictures of him everyday so that I could watch him change, grow and become my big boy I have slipped up. Pictures are taken only when I see the camera sitting there...nearby. And if Cameron is in a good mood. And if I am not feeling lazy. But I have purposed to do better and have already picked up the camera today!! And I even took pictures yesterday too!! :) What a record!!

I know the question you all are really asking though isn't "where did the time go?" but rather "where have you been?". *Grin* I know I haven't been the best at updating recently but I do have some good reasons! I've been watching some kids again!! I take care of a eight month old boy and occasionally his five year-old brother. Although the older boy is in all day kindergarten so I rarely have him. :) It's been fun, occasionally hectic, and it has taught Cameron a little bit about being patient (ok, I know you can't really teach a 2 month-old this). :) The eight month-old (E) is very interested in Cameron and likes to smile at him. :) I can't wait until Cameron starts noticing him! It'll start seeming like I am taking care of twins again!! :) It's been nice having Cam with me in the car because then I can be in the carpool lane!! I no longer have to plan extra time into my commute in case of traffic, which is a good thing since I doubt Cameron would want to sit in the car outside work for ten to fifteen minutes on days when the traffic is good!!

At Mr. Max's 2 month appointment he hit the charts pretty good! 25th percentile for weight, 50th percentile for height, and 30th for his head size. He has been growing like crazy recently. He is almost out of his 0-3 clothes and can even fit into some of his 3-6! His little legs are getting a little roly-poly on the thigh area, SO ADORABLE!! :) I am in love with my little man! I swear he couldn't be any cuter! 

As I type this he is all swaddled up, Bink in mouth, laying on a chair next to me fast asleep. I sure do love it when he gets a good nap in! He has become so responsive and cheerful if he is rested and fed. Which is a good thing unless we are at meeting! His new thing is to push the Bink out with his tongue and then smile and talk to everyone. :) He loves looking around at the different people/things in the room and then smiling like crazy and kicking his feet. :) What a fun lovable little man I have!! My Cam Art Max. That's my boy. ;) hehe

Oh and the other thing that is taking up so much of my time...Facebook. I finally gave in and it's like this never ending hole that you can place time in. I am always checking to see if anyone has said anything interesting to someone else, or if they've "liked" my status. I am also trying to place pictures on there so that everyone else can ooh and aah over my sweet child's face and like his pictures. :) Because seriously what isn't there to like about a sweet baby face?

I guess I had better stop writing so that you might just maybe finish reading all of this in one go rather then having to come back and finish it this evening or even tomorrow! :) Have a good meeting tomorrow!!

p.s. pictures later!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My wonderful Auntie...

Today someone very special to me has a birthday. Someone who is a second mother to me. Someone who even lived with us for a short time. What a special time in my childhood that was having a favorite aunt and uncle live in the same house as me!!

Who is it you ask?... My dear Aunt Judy. I love her.What great memories I've made with her. I remember her coming to Olympia convention and staying in the tent next to ours. I think I even lucked out a couple of times and got to stay in her tent with her!  I remember attending Boring convention with her (remember when our tent fell down, Aunt Judy? hehe, luckily I wasn't self-conscious about my clothing yet since I had to wear mismatched socks that Sunday. That was pretty funny. Good thing Great-Aunt Bessie let us come crash with her!)  I remember the weekend you came to visit us and we all got sick so we had our own meeting. Good thing there were so many of us!!

Remember the drives we've taken? Uncle Jerry and I embarrassing you as we drove down the freeway waving at people we didn't know? He was even slowing down or speeding up at times so that I could have a new person to wave at. Then there is the time the car overheated on the freeway. Seems like we played a game on the shoulder? I can't remember though. Although I remember that was when we bought gum at a gas station store and you taught me how to blow a double bubble. Or remember our car exercises? I still do them sometimes and I plan to teach them to Cameron. Hahahaha. What good memories!!

I remember spending summers at her house. Helping clean, going to Izzy's, watching movies, playing games, making a fake Uncle Jerry with a broom and paper plate, going to the beach, what fun memories. Thank you Aunt Judy for making my childhood so memorable!! You've been a true light in my life and I thank you for that!! 

Aunt Judy, I love you. Thanks for being a second mother to me. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

More camping trip pictures!!

Guess what we did on our camping trip!